iCastAudio provides premium production and consulting services for broadcast and internet media. We can produce your program, whether it's live streaming or on-demand, from the planning stages through to final publication. We can even train you and your team to independently produce professional quality programming that is compliant with today's broadcast standards.



We provide services for serial programs including podcasts, YouTube programs, and internet radio. In addition, we work with film, TV, animation, and video game productions. We can produce program assets such as theme music, jingles, drops, bumpers, and sweepers. We also broker voice talent and can provide audio restoration/clean-up services for existing recordings.




Russell Roberts
John and Jean De Nault Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

"Rich [iCast Audio] has been the sound engineer for the EconTalk podcast since its beginnings in 2006. He has done a superb job throughout. His quality, professionalism and reliability have been first-rate. I recommend him highly."

Sarah Novotny
Technical Evangelist and Community Leader at NGINX, Inc.

"Working with Rich [iCast Audio] was a treat. He continuously worked with us to make our unedited recordings better while additionally consistently editing to make our ramblings sound concise and articulate. Top notch sound engineer. I've recommended him to several other podcast hosts who are still doing the GarageBand versions of editing themselves."

Sheeri Kritzer Cabral
Data Team Manager at Mozilla

"Rich's [iCast Audio's] number one goal for our podcast is audio quality. He puts in whatever effort is necessary to produce the best quality sound he can. This has made the podcast extremely professional, and because of Rich's work, the OurSQL podcast won an award for professional-quality community contributions.

I would work with Rich on any other audio project I have the chance to. His excellent feedback and equipment suggestions have made the recordings themselves better. He delivers feedback clearly but without judgment (for example, reminders when I'm using a lot of filler words or talking too fast). 

Rich puts a lot of care and devotion into his work, and it shows in the final product."